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Reference On Work Done In The Past

The partners of the firm have varied professional training in their various places of their previous employment. Consequently, the partnership became a pool of professional accountants and tax practitioners with varied experience. This is a valuable asset, which is explored for the services of our clients and for professional development of the trainee accountants in the firm’s employment.

At present, the firm’s clientele consist of private limited liability companies, partnerships and government parastatal. We have also acted as consultants to the State and Federal Governments.
The private liability companies are engaged in Manufacturing, Services, Commerce, Construction, Finance etc.

List of Some of Our Major Clients


  • Ikotun Community Bank Limited
  • Olowu Community Bank Limited
  • Alapere Community Bank Limited
  • Iperu-Akesan Community Bank Limited
(All these have now become Micro Finance Banks as stipulated by Central Bank of Nigeria)


  • Optimal Strategy Investments Limited
  • Pet Jay Nigeria Limited
  • Wallish Nigeria Limited
  • Bund Investment Company Limited


  • Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
  • Nigeria Airspace Management Authority


  • Race Cargo Airlines Limited
  • Odalo Enterprises Limited
  • Union Dicon Salt Plc
  • Witt and Busch Limited
  • JSA Inter-Technologies Limited
  • Nigerian Laboratory Company Limited
  • United Courier Nigeria Limited
  • Metropol Nigeria Limited
  • Kayinks Ventures Limited
  • Naturedynamics International Limited
  • Phytomedics Limited
  • MA’U Maritime Services Limited
  • CardServe and Associates Services Limited
  • Rabat Investments Limited
  • Ednal International Limited
  • John I. C. Taylor and Company Limited
  • Werac Nigeria Limited
  • Crown Insurance Brokers
  • FHT Ventures Limited
  • Suril International Nigeria Limited

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